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Clearwater, FL Real Estate Photographer and Architectural Photographer



What our customers are saying
  • I also wanted to tell you that I just got off the phone with the magazine editor to thank him for the two feature articles, and he said that one of the reasons they gave us two spots in the magazine was because of your beautiful and professional photographs.  I thought you'd like to hear that, as it is quite a compliment to your work!

  • Russell was incredibly easy to work with and was kind enough to work around our schedule. His photos of our home came out just beautifully.
    Suzanne Kyker
    Suzanne Kyker
  • Russell is a talented photographer, he has taken photos of completed work and they come out looking amazing.
    Richard Gardner
    Richard Gardner

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Architectural photographers have a very demanding job. In order to capture a building or structure in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and accurate to the intentions of the original architect, they have to be incredibly patient and very skilled with their equipment. Most of us will only ever see landmark buildings through the lens of an architectural photographer, so capturing the building at its finest is of huge importance to the architect as well as to the photographer.

With perhaps a less commercial emphasis, architectural photographers are also increasingly finding ways of capturing elements of the built environment in intriguing ways; finding beauty in benign structures, the strange effect of shadows at a certain time of day, highlighting the relationship between man, nature and the built environment, and drawing this out with their camera. Some of the finest art work of recent times has come from architectural photographers. – Tom McCallum


Why did you start your business?

How did I become an Architectural Photographer?

Well, I have always been creative. I started taking piano lessons at 12 years old, I learned how to play bass when I was 17 and then guitar at 19. I played bass in several local bands. Then I went back to playing piano at 21. The singer in one of my bands is still doing music today. He is writing soundtracks for movies in LA and his brother won two Grammies in 2015.

When I first started in photography, I wanted to learn how to take better photos. At the time I convinced my father to do the New York Institute of Photography course with me, which we completed in 2004.

At the time working for my father at his art gallery gave me the chance to evolve by photographing art. Also learning color harmony and building picture frames, further pushed me along this path. I didn’t realize it at the time but working in the art business for 7 years gave me a lot of fundamentals that most photographers don’t have.

Fast forward another 7 years to when my first son was born, I realized at this time that I can’t spend enough time with my family and do music BUT I needed a way to vent my create impulses.

I loved photography so it was at this point in my life that I decided to give up music to concentrate on architectural photography. This was best for my family and the artist in me. I still love playing music but I don’t perform any more. Now all of my time is spent on my new passion.

Did you know that Ansel Adams was a musician before he became a photographer?

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